Haley Kinney
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Haley Kinney who was born in Texas on February 19, 1992 and passed away on July 21, 2006 at the age of 14. We will remember her forever.
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bon dia   / Ramon Puigoriol (ninguna)
Hello,im so sorry for the family of this girl, now in 2013 she will have 21 I don't know this game before i saw a video in youtube, in my country this is not popular in the childrens. and i expect that one day the people wil awaress of this game gr...  Continue >>
5 years   / Mikala Latham (good friend )
5 years ago Butters we were strangers in the halls. 5 years ago you called me at 2 a.m to ask how to work the stove to make tostitos. 5 years ago i held your hand to the couple skate at Champions. 5 years ago doesn't really seem that long until you t...  Continue >>
Haley:)  / Danielle Baldelomar ((old friend) )
I am so sorry this had to happen to such a beautiful and wonderful girl. I miss you. I remember coming over to your house when we were younger and we would play with your brother kirby and your little dog. You will be missed by so many people I live ...  Continue >>
Haley baby   / Karly Hollis (Close Friend )
Haley I can't believe it has been four years. It's so crazy. I still remember every little thing about you. I found all of our old notes the other day & I broke down and just cried. Its not the same without you & ever day I think about you. There is ...  Continue >>
Wow...  / Torii Cox (cousion)
Haley wow i miss you so much it's not even funny. I miss your dad your sisters and your brother I cant believe it's been 5 years I think about you all the time no joke even know are families weren't close I miss you smile and i even cry when I think ...  Continue >>
haleyyyyy <3  / Taylor Batiste (friend)    Read >>
Haley I miss u.  / Seeley Padgett (Old Friend )    Read >>
Thanksgiving. / Kim Blanchard (MOTHER)    Read >>
Haleyy.. / Amanda Hernandez (One of her Bestfriends )    Read >>
Haley Baby  / Krystin Roper (Close Friend )    Read >>
Wow... / Haley Orn (close friend )    Read >>
Beautiful Angel....  / Jennifer Davison ((Bestfriend))    Read >>
Haley baby, i miss you so much.  / Karly Hollis (Close friend )    Read >>
Haley Baby.  / Maddie Adler (one of her bestfriends )    Read >>
I love you Haley Bear  / Amanda Henrici (Close Friend )    Read >>
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Her legacy
Haley Farin Kinney Foundation  
This foundation was started in Haley's name to bring awarness, to as many people as possible, to the dangers of a game our kids are playing today. Haley died as a direct result of not knowing that the game she was playing was going to kill her. That is the one thing we plan to prevent, and in Haley's name I make this Promise..... Save A Life, Stop The Choking Game

So with your help and donations, we can stop this from happening to some one else. If you can not make donations please do Haley one favor and tell others about the game and make sure no one else plays the game

Donations can be made by wire to account # 7884866018 routing #121000248, by direct deposit to routing # 111900659, or by sending check or money orders to The Haley Farin Kinney Foundation at 5002 Quailgate Dr., Spring, Texas 77373 Haley Farin Kinney bracelets can be purchased for $2.00 all money will be used to help stop the choking game 

Thank you all

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